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The Library of the Calkins Family Association is available to our members. You may check a book out for two weeks, simply by paying for shipping.

Our library consists of books written by or about the descendants of the Hugh and Ann Calkins. The following inventory of the contents of the library is divided into type of references. Each reference includes: 1) the author’s name; 2) the title, underlined; and finally, written within (parentheses – publication date), “c” if copyrighted, and type of binding – HB/hardback; PB/paperback; LL/loose leaf; CD/compact disk; PP/number of pages.

Most of the books and manuscripts have been donated very generously by CFA Members, including the authors themselves. Materials are available for check out for the price of the postage.

To borrow non-fiction or fiction books and other material from the Library, contact Melissa Calkins, CFA Librarian, by email at genealogy@calkinsworld.org. Or by mail at 6 John Ave. Quaker Hill, CT 06375. 860-912-5955. She will make every effort to mail your requested materials within 2 business days.

We are always seeking donations of originals or copies of books, CDs, photos, fliers, journals, etc. Anything that has the Calkins name or history on it. Contact us at support@calkinsworld.org. Thank you!

Genealogy Reference

Barbrick, Leanora L.C.; Descendants of Hugh Calkins (1941; LL/203 pp)

Bogue, Gladys Taylor; The Genealogical Register of the Family of Aldred Day, 1794 – 1885, and Lydia Calkins Day, 1796 – 1879 (1970/HB/91pp)

Brink, Helen Kelly; The Saratoga, Schenectady, and Steuben County, New York, Descendants of John Calkins, Jr. (1748-18110, A Fifth Generation Member of the Hugh Calkin Family of Norwich, Connecticut (2000?/HB/554)

Calkins, Anna L; Some Notes on Calkins (1979/LL/33pp)

*Calkins, Edmund A.; Notes on Ancestry of Caleb Calkins and Caroline Piper Calkins (1922/LL/39pp)

Calkins, Evan; Yesterdays, Vol. 1 2, 4 (“c”/2006/PB/187pp)

Calkins Family Assn.; Calkins World (1993-2012/HB/2 Volumes)

Calkins Family Assn.; Calkins World (1993 – 2012/LL/ 2 volumes)

Calkins, Jerome R.; The History and Genealogy of a Branch of the Calkins Family (1967/LL/79pp)

Calkins, Kenneth W.; Calkins Family in America (2000/HB/517pp)

Calkins, Lillian M. and Fischer, Nancy; The Calkins Family (2000/LL/67pp)

*Calkins, Max; History Book and Genealogical Records (2007/LL) (CD available)

Calkins, Owen; Orson Booker and Mary Elizabeth Calkins Family Histories (2009/406pp)

*Calkins, William Wirt; Calkins Memorial Military Roster (with supplement) (“c/1903/LL/246pp);

Caulkins, Frances M.; Selected Writings (LL)

Caulkins, Frances M; History of New London, Connecticut (“c”/2004/CD)

Caulkins, Frances M; History of Norwich Connecticut (“c”/2004/CD)

Cousins, Patricia M. and Caulkins, Dorothy W.; Caulkins in California (2002/PB/260pp)

Cassell, Colleen Estes; The Calkins Chronicles

Cassell, Colleen Estes Cassell; History of Carlton C. Schnectady, NY (LL)

Copper, Victor; A Dangerous Women, New York’s First Lady Liberty, (The Life and Times of Lady Deborah Moody (1586-1659?)

Davis, Donald, Irvine and Paul; Caulkins Family History (1993/LL/10pp)

Dunning, Kenneth A; Orange County (NY) Jury Lists Volume 1,(1798-1825).

Eckhart, George B.; The History of the Calkins Family (11995/LL/10pp)

Franklin Township, Marion City, Indiana; My Home Town, A History of Acton, Indiana

Feustel, Joyce H.; Calkins Teaser (1993/LL/75pp)

Frese, Minnie Waller; Some Descendants of Stephen and Anna Calkins (1998/LL/45pp)

Frese, Minnie Waller; Ancestors and More (2004/PB/157pp)

Frese, Minnie Waller; Ancestors and More (2004/CD)

Glenn, Linda; Some Calkins Descendants (undated/LL/54pp)

*Harwick, Margaret C.; Everybody Has Ancestors (“c”/1976/LL/43pp)

Hurst, Donovan; Elisha Calkins and Anna Dalrymple (2012/PB/428 pp)

Kern, Marion L; Cemeteries in the Town of Austerlitz, Names Identified on Tombstones from 1754 – 1984 (1985/HB/106pp)

LaValley, Leslie D.; The Basket Letters (1998/PB/205pp)

Leonard Clark; The Tyler, Thomas and Calkin Families (2996/PB/158pp)

Malarney, James J.; Calkins Connection (genealogy)

Mitchell, Canda; From the Mayflower to Mt. Blanca (c1995/PB/158pp

Mitchell, Carol Casler; Hugh and Jeanne Casler Family, Vol. 1; Calkins and Related Families (2008/PB/83pp)

Morrison, George Austin, J; The “Clarke” Families of Rhode Island

Nagucki, Barbara Calkins; Calkins-Nagucki Genealogy (1997/LL/330pp)

NARA: Civil War Pension Record] – Calkins-NY

Raines, Ruby E.; Your Calkin-Calkins-Caulkins Ancestors (1976/LL/330pp)

Reitwiesner, William Adam; Ancestry of Bill Gates (2009/39pp)

Ritter, Kathy A; Apprentices of Connecticut, (1637- 1900)

Sanborn, Melinde Lutz; Supplement to Torrey’s New England Marriages Prior to1700 (1991/HB/62pp) – see Torrey

Schweitzer, George K.; New York Genealogical Research

Schweitzer, George K.; War of 1812 Genealogical

Sharps, Helen Turney; Genealogy of the Calkins Family (4 volumes and index) (1949/LL)

Sharp, Helen Turney; Complete Works of Helen Turney Sharp (CD)

Sherling, Marjorie O.C.; Calkin Family Lines in the United States and Canada (1961/LL/55pp)

Stegall, Linda Caulkins; Caulkins Cousins – Isaac Caulkins and His Descendants (“c” 2000/LL/344pp)

Szucs, Loreatto Dennis and Luebking, Sandra Hargreves; The Source: A Guidebook of American Genealogy

Taintor, Michael; Extracts from the Records of Colchester (1864/PB/172pp)

Three Centuries; Three Centuries of Calkins (undated/LL/100pp)

Torrey, Clarence Almon Torrey; New England Marriages Prior to 1700 ( 85/HB/848pp) – See Sanborn

Wiley, Romola Suzanne Calkins; North Country Pioneers Thirty Years of Service As a Champion NY Town Historian (2012/PB)

Unknown; Miscellaneous Calkins Biographical References (LL)

Wheeler, Mary C.; Corkins Ancestors of Vernon G. Corkins (1994/LL/225pp)

Wheeler, Mary C.; Lost in 18th Century New York (2003/LL/16pp)

Non-fiction Books

Reports of Calkins in the NY Times

Orson Calkins 1865 – 1948; Directory of Descendants

Ancestry.com; The Calkins Name in History (“c”/2007/PB/93pp)

Calkins, D. Ordell; Ione and Us (“c”/1982/PB/199pp)

Calkins, Earnest Elmo; The Autobiography of a Deaf Man (“c”/1924/HB/260pp)

Calkins, Rev. Charles and Gilman, Marian (his wife); Copies of photos. Contributed by Walt Plunkett

Cousins, Patricia M.; Diary of Mary (Minnie) Whittier Caulkins (1884/LL/120pp)

Ekman, Blanche Partridge; A History of an American Family (“c”/1997/PB/520pp

Calkins, Franklin Welles; Two Wilderness Voyagers (“c”/1902/HB/359pp)

Calkins, John; Michigan (HB/61pp)

Calkins, Lucy McCormick; Living Between the Lines (“c”/1991/PB/315pp)

Calkins, Mary Whiton; The Persistent Problems of Philosophy (“c”/1933/HB/601pp)

Calkins, N.A.; Primary Object Lessons (“c”/HB/1881/448pp)

Calkins, Robert G; Monuments of Medieval Art (“c”/1979/PB/298pp)

Calkins, Earnest Elmo; They Broke the Prairie (“c”/1937/PB/449pp)

Calkins, Earnest Elmo; Business the Civilizer (“c”/1928/HB/309pp)

Calkins, Frank; Rocky Mountain Warden (“c”/1964/HB/266pp)

Kansas City of Public Works; An Interview With Myron Calkins (2002/PB/128pp)

Lathrop, Arthur L.; Victorian Norwich Connecticut (“c”//HB/529pp)

Leamon, John H.; Raymond Calkins, The Man and the Minister (1969/PB/16pp)

Ross, J.; Frederick Calkins, Master’s Mate (109pp)

Roberts, Gary Boyd; Ancestors of American Presidents (1995/HB/456pp)

Roberts, Gary Boyd; Notable Kin (“c”/1998/HB/297pp)

St. Vrain Valley Historical Association; They Came to Stay (“c”/1971/PB/276pp)

Schaefer, Christina K; The Hidden Half of the Family (1999/”c”/PB/298pp)

Tringale, Joseph A.; Yachting – Customs and Courtesies – Third Edition (2006/471pp)

Tringale, Joseph A.; I Was That Baby (2005/PB/239pp)

Calkins Family Recipes; 2018. Volume 2

Armstrong, Nanette Calkins; 2015 Boston Reunion talk “Let Me Tell You a Story” (2015 CD)

FICTION, Poetry, Religion

Calkins, Clinch; Poems (“c”/1923/HB/69pp)

Calkins, Lt. Dick and Nowlan,Phil; The Pop-Up Buck Rogers; (“c”/1935/HB/50pp)

Calkins, Erica; Hatchet, Hands and Hoe (1996/27pp)

Calkins, Erling E.; Adventure at Beaver Falls (1917/PB/96pp)

Calkins, Frank; Riley’s Last Hunt (“c”/1986/HB/182pp)

Calkins, Ruth Harms; Hold Me Close (“c”/1966/PB/134pp)

Calkins, Ruth Harms; Lord Could You Hurry A Little? (“c”/1983/PB/120pp)

Calkins, Ruth Harms; Lord I Keep Running Back To You (“c”/1979/HB/112pp)

Calkins, Ruth Harms; Lord It Keeps Happening…and Happening (“c”/1984/PB/123pp)

Calkins, Ruth Harms; Lord Could You Hurry A Little? (“c”/1983/PB/120pp)

*Calkins, Frank; The Long Riders’ Winter (“c”/1983/PB/211pp)

*Calkins, Mary Emma Whittier; The Year 1884, Excelsior Day

Calkins, R.H. (Skipper); High Tide, A History of the Seattle Waterfront (“c”/2952/356pp)

Calkins, Ruth Harms; Tell Me Again Lord, I Forget (“c”/1974/PB/156pp)

Calkins, Susanna, Dr., A Murder at Rosamund’s Gate (2 copies) (mystery)

Calkins, Susanna, Dr., From the Charred Remains (mystery)

Mainprize, Donald C.; ABC’s For Educators ("c”/1987/LL/26pp)

Mainprize, Donald C.; CChristian Heroes of Today (“c”/1964/PB/81pp)

Mainprize, Donald C.; Cracks in the Foundation (“c”/2006/LL/20pp)

Mainprize, Donald C.; Good Morning, Lord (“c”/1974/HB/60pp)

Mainprize, Donald C.; Happy Anniversary

*Mainprize, Donald C.; Stars Stars Stars (“c”/1988/31pp)

Mainprize, Donald C.; Stonesville USA (“c”/1988/PB)

Mainprize, Donald C; The Whispers of My Heart (“c”/2005/LL/48pp)

Mainprize, Donald C.; Your Journey Into Joy (“c”/2002/PB/78pp)

Mainprize, Ople Belle; Pure Mountain Air (“c”/1979/PB/24pp)

Ross, J.; Frederick Calkins, Master’s Mate (109pp)

Tringale, Joseph A.; Yachting – Customs and Courtesies – Third Edition (2006/471pp)

Tringale, Joseph A.; I Was That Baby (2005/PB/239pp)